Don’t waste time and money at every port. Having local currency on hand for each port you are visiting means you don’t have to waste time finding an ATM or waste money on international ATM withdrawal charges and currency conversion fees.


The benefit of pre-organising local currency for your ports


If you are cruising, it is likely that you will be stopping in multiple countries and will require more than one currency. It can seem easier to convert all of your funds to a major currency like US Dollars or Euro’s and then find a local money exchange when you get off the ship. However, changing your funds more than once can waste money because you are going through unnecessary currency conversions; so getting the right currency can really make a difference to how much money you end up with. Exchange Now has over 60 major and exotic currencies available in cash; if you are unsure what currency you need, contact us to speak with a travel money specialist or check out our online currency information and make the most of your money exchange.


Important information on travel cards

Many cruise liners do not accept travel cards as a form of payment, so if you are considering a travel card it is important to check with your cruise provider first. If you are able to pay with a travel card on-board, be careful of tying up your funds with payment pre-authorisations. When you board the ship, you are often required to supply a credit or debit card in which the ship will put a hold on a certain amount of money for a security bond. These holds (pre-authorisations) can take up to 2 weeks to be released, meaning you don’t have access to that amount of money on your travel card for that period of time. If you are unsure about how to pay on-board or at port without costly credit card fees, contact us to speak with a travel money specialist and get more information on the options available to you.


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