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  • Exchange rates guaranteed to be competitive when you purchase Japanese Yen cash from Exchange Now
  • Zero commission on all Japanese Yen exchanges with no order minimums or maximums
  • We stock a range of Japanese Yen notes including 1000’s, 5,000’s & 10,000’s – subject to availability
  • Cash is an essential in Japan as not all ATM’s are designed for international cards
  • Order online or come in to do an over-the-counter exchange


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Why is cash an essential in Japan?   

Not all ATM’s in Japan are designed to accept international credit and debit cards, regardless of the issuer or whether they are Mastercard or Visa. Traveller’s often find themselves in a spot of bother and unable to withdraw their money, especially in locations outside of major cities. Click here to find out which ATM’s to look out for that will accept international cards.

Do I have to pay Australian Dollar cash to purchase Japanese Yen? 

If you are exchanging in-store, you can choose to pay cash for your Japanese Yen exchange or you are welcome to pay with EFTPOS. There is no surcharge to select a cheque or savings account, although consider EFTPOS maximum daily withdrawal limits set by your bank. You may use a credit card to purchase currency although your bank will treat your transaction as a cash advance and there is a 1.5% fee charged by Exchange Now.

Can I change back any leftover Japanese Yen when I return from holiday? 

We buy back all Japanese Yen notes commission free at the buy rate of the day you visit us with your leftover Yen. You do not require a receipt and you are welcome to convert any amount of Japanese Yen notes back to Australian Dollars. We do not accept Japanese Yen coins for exchange, so please ensure you do not get stuck with any after you leave Japan.

I haven’t been to Japan, do you have more information on how to access money there?

We have a full Japan travel money guide online – click here to access it. You are always welcome to contact a member of our team should you wish to talk further about preparing to access money in Japan. Please call us on 9375 3079 or email us at info@exchangenow.com.au





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