Add a valuable service to your business by partnering with us.

You can expand the service portfolio of your business by providing your customers with access to Exchange Now foreign exchange services. Referring your customers to Exchange Now provides them with a valuable service whilst providing your business with a new income stream.


“I want to provide my own foreign exchange service rather than refer my customers elsewhere”

We can provide you with the resources and systems to serve your customers directly, allowing you to streamline the process and keep the service under your brand.

  1. We give your business access to our online partner ordering system
  2. Your team can use this system to place orders for their customers 24/7
  3. Your customer will receive their order to their home or office to avoid holding cash on your premises
  4. We track your orders and credit commission back to your business


“I want to provide foreign exchange but I don’t have the time?”

You can refer your clients to Exchange Now, leaving you to focus on your business and secure a commission for each referral.

We’ll take care of the entire process.

  1. We set your business up with an exclusive online ordering account
  2. You refer your customers to place an order online
  3. We deliver your customers order directly to them
  4. We track your referrals and credit commission back to your business





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