Secure your cash, credit card and valuables with a slash-proof, skim-proof and lockable anti-theft day bag. Visit us in-store to view our full range of backpacks, cross-body bags, tote bags and handbags and enjoy maximum security and minimise the risk of theft on holiday.


What is Anti-theft? 

Anti-theft refers to a travel bag or backpack that has inbuilt security features including:

  • Slash proof bag straps that cannot be cut through
  • Slash proof bag lining that cannot be cut through
  • RFID card skimming protection pockets that block the signal from card skimmers
  • Locking zippers to secure the main compartments of the bag
  • Detachable bag straps to secure your bag to a fixture and prevent snatch-and-run theft


Why use an Anti-theft bag? 

Traditional travel bags do not provide you with any specific features that protect you from physical and/or electronic pick-pocketing. With a traditional handbag or backpack, you are particularly vulnerable to theft and thieves are able to easily slash the bottom of your bag, reach into your unlocked bag or brush past you to electronically skim your credit card. An Anti-theft bag is purely designed to protect your cash, cards and valuables using cut-proof wire and mesh, RFID skimming prevention technology and simple lockable compartments. 


What does an Anti-theft bag look like? 

An anti-theft bag looks just like a traditional travel bag as the sophisticated security features are well hidden in the bag. Choose from a backpack, cross-body bag, tote or handbag and also select from a range of colours and sizes. Some examples of our in-store range are shown below, including brands such as Pacsafe, Travelon and Zoomlite. 



What brand of Anti-theft bags do Exchange Now stock at the Galleria in Morley? 

We stock a large range of Travelon, Pacsafe and Zoomlite Anti-theft bags in-store at the Galleria Shopping Centre in Morley. Find us upstairs next to Gloria Jeans Coffee. Please feel welcome to contact us if you are looking for a particular model of bag from any of these brands, we are happy to check our stock before you come in.  


Are Anti-theft bags ever on sale at Exchange Now? 

ALWAYS! We are continuously looking for great prices from our suppliers and we will continue to pass on any savings to you. We continuously run sales on our Anti-theft bag range and if you’d like to be kept up to date on those sales please click here to register.